Summer Solstice

During the summer solstice your yang energy reaches its peak. It is important to harness the peak of this yang energy, because as summer shifts into fall yang energy will decline. This great abundance of yang energy will translate throughout your body because during this season you are active and growing.

According to five element theory, during the summer the organ that receives extra energy is the heart. When the seasons change so do the organs we should focus on in the body. You should focus on the heart during summer. Feed the heart heart-nourishing foods and make sure to remain active so the heart receives positive energy. continue reading »

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3 Reasons You Owe Your Dad Some Acupuncture

Not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day? Give him a gift certificate for some acupuncture. Here are 3 reasons why you should treat him to acupuncture this Father’ Day.

1) Stress Relief – you have probably been a major cause of his stress over the years. You owe him a little relief. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce cortisol levels not only after the treatment, but also to reduce how much is made when your dad is exposed to stress for days after the treatment..

Stress is responsible for about 70 % of all illnesses and doctor’s visits, so forget the apple, and try some Acupuncture!

2) Pain Relief – you have also been the cause of much of dad’s pain – back pain from driving you to/from and being a spectator or coach at all of your activities, headaches from missed curfews and college tuition, knee pain from taking the stairs when moving you into that new apartment. Acupuncture provides relief from many pain conditions.The American College of Physicians recently updated their guidelines to recommend non-drug therapy such as acupuncture as initial treatment for low back pain.

3) Prevention –   June is Men’s Health Month. According to Dr David Gremillion of the Men’s Health Network, “…on average, American men live sicker and die younger than American women.” Chinese Medicine has thorough, non-invasive diagnostic methods to determine the root cause of many common men’s health concerns, such as digestive, urinary, and cardiovascular symptoms to improve your dad’s quality of life. Encourage dad to keep up with his doctor appointments and also use Chinese medicine to catch minor issues/irritants before they develop into something serious.

The side effects of acupuncture may include a better night’s sleep, mental clarity, more energy, better digestion, and a sense of calm and well-being.

To purchase a gift card or to schedule an appointment for a dad in the Chicago North Shore area, call us at 815.814.1319.

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IBS: Relief with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture for IBSIrritable Bowel Syndrome, otherwise known as “spastic colon,” is a common disorder that affects the colon and causes many disruptive symptoms. Many of these symptoms can be managed with a simple change in diet and lifestyle. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture may be able to help. continue reading »

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Acupuncture: Not Just Needles

Cupping AcupunctureMost people have heard of the field of acupuncture by now, but did you realize the scope of the practice encompasses Chinese medicine, which includes so much more than needles? Let’s explore this ancient therapy.

First of all, the practice of Chinese medicine starts with a diagnosis. The practitioner asks many questions to build a history; this includes the answers to digestion, appetite, diet, sleep patterns, bowel movement urination, pain, lifestyle, and stress level, for example. The acupuncturist will also be noting the voice pitch, hair luster, skin color and tone, as well as posture and mood of the patient and any significant odor. After that, there is a pulse and tongue analysis to determine where the pattern and root are, primarily. Finally, blood pressure is measured and other applicable tests done, including palpation of the body. After this history, a diagnosis and treatment plan is determined. What might be included in this plan? continue reading »

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Get Some Shut Eye Kit

Are you yawning through the day only to hit the pillow and be wide awake? When you finally fall asleep, do you toss and turn, and wake up feeling like you haven’t slept at all? Do you use sleeping pills to little effect and with fear that it will lead to more severe problems down the road?

You’ve read all of the information on the internet, and have tried the standard recommendations – no electronics an hour before bed, listening to white noise, keeping the temperature in your bedroom under 68 – but you still can’t sleep.

It’s time to order the “Get Some Shut Eye” kit. The kit was developed using my knowledge of Chinese medicine and my experience working with clients with sleep issues. The kit includes my e-book covering the 5 pillars of sleep which includes activities/exercises to improve your sleep. The kit also includes a 30 day supply of doTERRA Serenity Restful Complex Softgels, doTERRA Serenity Restful Sleep essential oil blend, access to videos of exercises to calm your mind, and ear seeds which can be placed on acupuncture points to impact your sleep, along with instructions about how and where to place the seeds. The kit has a value of $200, and is available for an investment of $87 (plus shipping). If you purchase the kit now, you will also receive a bonus sample of Sleepmix tea.

If you are currently getting acupuncture treatments for insomnia with me and would like to purchase the kit, you can purchase a kit in my office for a discounted investment of $57.

If you want the sleep kit to be sent to an address other than the one listed on your PayPal account, make sure you update the “shipping to” address before submitting. Kits will only be shipped within the 48 contiguous states.



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