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We are re-open!

As you know, we closed the practice one week prior to the Illinois Stay At Home Order to prevent the spread of the virus. We do not make these decisions lightly.  Acupuncture care is deemed essential under the Illinois Stay At Home Order.

We will be taking all the precautions that have been recommended by both the CDC and OSHA, and in some instances going beyond those recommendations.

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Acupuncture for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day - The Perfect Gift of Acupuncture

What better way to celebrate and support the mothers in your life this year than with an acupuncture appointment?

As a one-time mother’s day gift, acupuncture is a relaxing, revitalizing hour all for herself.

As a regular part of her health routine, acupuncture can keep her from getting sick frequently and offer a holistic treatment option for a variety of women’s health issues.

Not convinced? Here are four ways acupuncture supports women’s health and would make a great gift for any mom or woman you want to celebrate this May. continue reading »

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Acupuncture is Preventive Medicine

Acupuncture is preventative medicine

I think we all know someone, or maybe it’s even ourselves, who lives by the refrain, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Often used to put off replacing outdated tools or technology, the phase can be connected to how we view healthcare as well. It can be hard to think about our physical health until it is a problem. Something we take for granted, until, as it were, it’s broken. Why would we spend time and money on something before it’s necessary? continue reading »

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Acupuncture for Inflammation

Acupuncture for Inflammation

For many of the afflictions acupuncture can treat – allergies, back pain, headaches, the list goes on – reducing inflammation in the body is a primary reason acupuncture is successful. For decades now, doctors and medical researchers have been trying to learn what the biological mechanism is that allows acupuncture to reduce inflammation in the body.  continue reading »

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Daily Sparks of Joy

My life feels flat!… I don’t have anything to look forward to…I’m struggling to make new friends or meet people…I’m not even sure what brings me joy anymore…My interactions with people are all surface level right now.

We’ve all been there – and these feelings have been amplified by the pandemic. You get busy with your responsibilities and day to day routine, and lose touch with your joy and excitement. You don’t prioritize your own happiness and wellness. You crave adventure, connection, joy, lightness, creativity, and purpose.

Daily Sparks of Joy is a four week group exploration to add joy and excitement back into your life and make some authentic deep connections. Rediscover and reconnect with what lights you up.

What: Four weekly 1 hour group Zoom sessions; 30-60 minutes daily homeplay (Date/time still TBD)

Cost: Suggested total donation for 4 sessions ($60 pay it forward, $40 full-price, $20 ‘tighten belt’, $5-10 hardship). See our fee structure for details about tighten belt vs hardship. All proceeds from the class will go towards funding my Acupuncture with a Side of Activism dream.

Some of the activities/homework will be based on exercises from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. You don’t need the book to participate. If you would like the book, please consider getting a copy from your library or purchasing from one of our local bookstores (Booked, Bookends and Beginnings, Page One, or Semicolon) instead of purchasing it from the Zon or a big box store. Note: there is an anniversary edition that appears to be cheaper.

Don’t continue to put off your happiness. Make time to add some excitement and joy in your life with a community who will cheer you on!

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Acupuncture with a side of activism

Dr. Richard Taft receiving acupuncture from a patient-trainee at Lincoln Detox Center (Photo from Taft Family History).

I have a vision of weekly community acupuncture treatments where Evanstonians reflecting the diversity of our community in terms of income level, age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity and physical abilities gather for healing and local activism. (Once it is safe to have small groups gathered.)

My goal is to provide “pay what you can” community auricular acupuncture sessions in a format similar to that developed by the Black Panthers and the Young Lords in the 1970s.

The Black Panthers and Young Lords were instrumental in broadening the use of acupuncture beyond the Asian community in the United States. They used acupuncture to help fill the gaps in quality healthcare for people of color. To learn more, I  recommend reading Dr. Dandridge’s The Unusual Tale of Acupuncture, Racism and African American History in the USA, and watching the documentary Dope is Death.

The Black Panthers and Young Lords provided more than acupuncture in the community treatments. They also educated their clients on societal issues undermining health.  They helped their clients understand oppression in a global sense and empowered them to contribute to the betterment and well being of their community.

In addition to receiving acupuncture, my goal for the sessions is for people to connect with others in the community outside of their social circles. There will be opportunities to learn about local health-related social justice initiatives and connect with people who are taking action towards:
  • accessible affordable quality healthcare;
  • livable wages;
  • accessible, affordable healthy foods;
  • clean and healthy neighborhoods free of toxins and pollutants;
  • equitable access to parks, greens space, the lakefront, and recreational activities;
  • affordable housing;
  • police reform; and,
  • equitable inclusive education.

Finally, I would love to expose young people in our community to acupuncture and the history of its usage as activism so more young people consider it as a possible career choice.

Any money raised from the weekly sessions beyond the cost of the rental space and/or compensating guest presenters will go towards providing more subsidized acupuncture treatments for community members experiencing hardship.

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The Disrupted Life Coach

I help people reconnect with what lights them up. 

Living a life filled with excitement and purpose requires you to dive deep to uncover what’s important to you, face what’s holding you back, and learn new ways to show up.

It takes commitment and consistent action.

And…it’s worth it.

We’ve all been there. You get busy with your responsibilities, day to day routine and service to others, and lose touch with your joy and excitement. You don’t prioritize your own happiness and wellness. You crave adventure, connection, joy, lightness, and purpose.

You’re tired of being confined by who others think you are or should be. You are ready to uncover and celebrate your truth, imperfections and beautiful unique weirdness.

Join me for a journey to:

  • rediscover and reconnect with what lights you up,
  • embody your enoughness,
  • and stand boldly in the truth of who you are.

I will guide you on a discovery of what’s really important to you and how to structure your life, relationships and career in alignment with what you find. I will help you navigate the obstacles that prevent you from embodying your truth and embracing the life you want.

The journey begins with a 30-45 minute video chat (Zoom) or in person session. Call Amy at 815-814-1319 to disrupt your status quo.


Why the name Disrupted Life Coach?

My life has been disrupted by death, failed relationships, an insomnia and anxiety inducing work situation, and even a DUI. Through these disruptions, I have discovered what matters to me, learned to be more present for and enjoy the journey, and started to heal. I have also learned how to disrupt my life intentionally and purposefully – to create moments of lightness, deep connection, adventure, joy, presence and purpose.

My life and perspective is also been disrupted as I expand my understanding of US and world history. I continue to expand my awareness of the injustices perpetrated against Black and indigenous people and others who are oppressed because of their race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability or other differences. As I started the process of uncovering and dismantling the imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist and patriarchal culture in my own life and business, I realized how significantly it has impacted my happiness as well – although clearly, not to the same extent as others with less privilege.

Some of the characteristics of white supremacy culture identified by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun in the Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture including perfectionism, urgency, defensiveness, either/or thinking, conflict avoidance, objectivity, belief in one right away, and individualism have fed my insecurities, limited my perspective of what is possible, prevented me from taking risks, and impacted my ability to connect with others in a deep and meaningful way. In short, they were holding me back from the life I wanted.

I realize it is a lifelong journey to uncover and uproot white supremacy culture from our lives and businesses. I am not perfect; I haven’t “arrived”. I invite your observations of aspects of my business that need to be reviewed or challenged, and ask for your patience as I continue to grow and evolve.

Join me in causing disruption to create a more joy filled, equitable, connected, and compassionate world.


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Our Fee Structure

We have updated our fee structure for both acupuncture and coaching services to reflect the following values and beliefs:

  • Healthcare access should not be limited to those with financial privilege;
  • Oppression impacts who has access to wealth and resources;
  • My clients’ honesty and integrity will guide them to act in the interest of the community as a whole; and,
  • My financial security is important to my well-being and ability to be present when providing services.

We will now be offering four different levels of pricing for acupuncture and coaching services:

The Pay It Forward price is $10-25 above the actual cost of the service and that extra money goes toward supporting future free and low cost services. It’s an opportunity to support your fellow community members while accessing services. I thank you for your investment and consideration.

The Full price is the actual cost of the service. If you have access to financial security, own property or have personal savings, you would not traditionally qualify for sliding scale services. If you are able to pay for “wants” and spend little time worried about securing necessities in your life, you have economic privilege and power in our community. This price is for you.

The Tighten the Belt price is for those who are able to meet their basic needs (housing, food, childcare, healthcare, transportation to work) but have little to no expendable income. Paying for the services may qualify as a sacrifice (having to reduce eating out, Starbucks, or buying new clothes) but it would not create hardship. If you are struggling with debt and/or living paycheck to paycheck but have access to steady income, this is your price. If you can ask family members, partners or friends for financial support, please consider using those personal resources before you use the resources of the sliding scale and limit opportunities for others. Two acupuncture and coaching appointments will be available at this price per week. Please email or text me to let me know if you are scheduling an appointment at this price.

The Hardship price is for those who struggle to meet their basic needs (housing, food, childcare, healthcare, transportation to work) and paying for these services would be a significant hardship. Two acupuncture and coaching sessions will be available at this price per week. Please email or text me to let me know if you are scheduling an appointment at this price. In some instances, the hardship price will still not be accessible. In these cases, I will do my best to provide direction to free or low cost resources including but not limited to playlists on my YouTube channel and Facebook page and resources on my blog. I am also working to offer “pay what you can” community acupuncture when it is safe to have small groups of people together indoors.

Please be mindful that if you purchase services at the lowest end of the scale when you can afford the higher prices, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility. Being honest with yourself about your financial situation when engaging with sliding scale practices grows strong and sustainable communities. It also respects the work of providers who have families to support and rent to pay.

Note: I won’t ask to see any proof and rely on your honesty, integrity and compassion when placing yourself on the scale.

This financial structure is based on the work of Alexis J. Cunningfolk of Worts & Cunning Apothecary who also created the image above which illustrates financial privilege and access. Consider reading  The Sliding Scale: A Tool for Economic Justice.

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Reclaim Your Sleep (from anywhere)

Is your mind constantly racing at bedtime?  Do you toss and turn all night, and wake up feeling like you haven’t slept at all?  Do you feel like you are walking around in a fog all day?  

You are not alone. Approximately 30-50% of adults in the US have difficulty falling and/or staying asleep, and 10% suffer from chronic insomnia. Lack of sleep can cause you to gain weightkill your sex drive, make you look older, and make it difficult to concentrate at workYou may feel hopeless because you’ve exhausted OTC remedies, sleeping medications, and the standard lifestyle changesYour doctor may have prescribed sleeping pills, but they leave you feeling groggy.

Chinese medicine has answers to this common modern-day challenge, Let me tap into my expertise as a Chinese medicine sleep specialist and certified life coach and the knowledge I’ve gained from working with hundreds of clients with sleep issues to create a personalized plan to help you fall asleep quickly and wake feeling rested.

For the best results, I recommend a series of 5 weekly 30-45 minute Zoom sessions.

Your personalized plan will include simple techniques you can apply immediately to fall asleep more quickly and wake feeling more rested, 1-2 hours of homeplay each week and coaching on successful adoption of manageable lifestyle changes.

Call me at 815-814-1319 or email to schedule a free evaluation.
Note: This program will not address sleep issues related to physical pain, medication or other health issues.

Amy Landolt’s Bio 

Amy is a licensed acupuncturist and certified life coach specializing in sleep. She helps people reclaim their sleep using Chinese medicine, essential oils, supplements, and lifestyle changes. Amy is passionate about finding natural ways to improve sleep because in 2011, insomnia was impacting her work and personal life. Sleeping pills helped her sleep, but left her feeling groggy. She was frustrated that her doctor’s only suggestion was different (and more) pills. It was only after a combination of acupuncture, massage and yoga that she was able to sleep through the night and wake rested and refreshed. 

She learned that she needed to take the lead in managing her health and fully leverage all of the natural ways to address any health challenges, and she loves helping others do the same. 

What other people have to say: 

For about two years now I have been suffering from terrible seasonal allergies. The inability to breathe through my nose left me restless. I would take a cocktail of allergy medications and sleeping aids, but still no luck. After visiting an allergist,I was able to get that issue under control, however the anxiety of sleep and lack of it still haunted me. I was breathing just fine at night, but my mind was constantly racing and anticipating. My body would eventually pass out from exhaustion around 6am and I’d wake around 8amRunning on two hours of restless sleep left me feeling drained, fatigue and moody during the day. I felt like I had tried everything a western doctor would suggest: sleeping tablets, melatonin, setting a bedtime routine, but nothing worked. I told my allergist about this issue and she suggested I try acupuncture by Amy Landolt. 

Amy prescribed a holistic regime of meditation, yoga and herbs. The night after my first appointment I slept the most I had in months. After a month of working with Amy, one-to-two-times a week, I am sleeping more restfully than ever. Along with acupuncture she advised to incorporate yoga and medication which has helped speed up the healing process as well as helped me grow as a person.” P.L. 


“After my first session, I slept from 12:15 until 6:45am. Wow! A full six and ½ hours. I woke up feeling more rested than I have in about six months. Lack of sleep was leaving me feeling fatigued most of the day, every day. It was hard to focus on any project, personal or professional, to see it through to conclusion. Or if I did, it required more time than ever. I know I was more irritable than usual, too. I had tried sleeping apps, lifestyle changes, and cognitive behavioral techniques. After four sessions, I am sleeping 6-7 hours most nights, which I hadn’t for over a year.  

THANK YOU!!! I am now excited to go to bed at night! Often I have a sort of low-level dread as the hour draws nigh! Now I am excited to use my oils, listen to the meditation you suggested, and reclaim my sleep!!!”  M.M. 


“I was having a lot of trouble sleeping, not being able to fall asleep or if I did, couldn’t stay asleep.  It was horrible. After just a few sessions, I’m getting a good night’s rest, which is so important for our brains! I have clarity of thought and I no longer feel like I’m walking around in a fog all day. I appreciated your laid- back, easy going style, and your concern for my comfort and my results.  My husband was surprised that it’s worked!  He’s not necessarily open to new ideas and treatments but was happy that I’ve gotten results.”  C.S. 

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Acupuncture for Anger Management

Anger is the emotion associated with springtime in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For most of us, we consider anger a bad emotion, something to avoid or get rid of, so why would it be one that TCM would shine a light on?

Well, no emotion is inherently good or bad, it’s how we deal with challenging emotions that can end up hurting ourselves or those we love.  continue reading »

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Regrowth: Spring and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Three thousand years ago, when Chinese medicine was first being practiced, there was no light or electricity. No way to mask the darkness of winter. No way, either, to ignore the longer, warmer days of springtime. Because it is such an ancient practice, a lot of the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine comes from a time when people spent much more time outside, paying attention to the natural world around them.  continue reading »

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