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Able to be in school full time

“I have struggled with severe anxiety since I was little (diagnosed at age 6) and as I have gotten older, the mental struggles present physically in my body, with most of the common manifestations in my body being stomach aches, headaches, fatigue, flu-like symptoms. I have had a hard time finding holistic ways to reduce it. Amy’s suggestions and tips... Read more »

Acupuncture didn’t resolve my issue

“I have a mild headache that’s been with me for the past 10 months. Treatment from a pain doctor didn’t really offer much relief. I’ve used acupuncture before for various ailments, often with great results. This was my first visit with Northshore Acupuncture Center; a good friend recommended Amy to me.  What I really liked was how she set expectations... Read more »

Relief from shingles pain

“You may not always know the positive impact you have through your work. I am sending you a note to let you know how much better I feel because of your help with your treatments.

My nerve pain is all gone and I have absolutely no residual effects. I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help... Read more »

Less pain, more energy

“I’ve had lower back and hip pain for over 30 years, but only recently learned that I have severe lumbar spinal stenosis along with a torn labrum and bursitis in my hip. I also have a lot of fatigue due to an auto-immune disorder. Over the years, I’ve tried just about every type of practitioner and method imaginable–both

... Read more »