Acupuncture improved self-care

“I started acupuncture to help manage my stress and improve my energy. The acupuncture treatments helped me sleep better, wake up rested and feel more balanced. Amy is a great listener and very thoughtful in her approach to treatments. She listens, understands where you are, and adjusts treatments as necessary. It’s fascinating to understand the different points she uses and the reasoning... Read more »

Santa uses acupuncture to recover from holidays

“I always stop by Northshore Acupuncture Center on December 26th for an acupuncture, cupping and essential oil recovery treatment. Since I’ve been going to Northshore Acupuncture, I’ve been less irritable with Mrs Claus and the elves, I don’t need to wear my back brace to deliver presents, and my digestive system doesn’t get out of whack from all those cookies

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Cupping and acupuncture relieves back pain

“I never had acupuncture or cupping done but I am very glad that I finally did  I had an excellent experience with Amy. I completely wrecked my back the day before going in, and after one session with both practices, my back felt great. With Amy, she genuinely cares about your well-being and that is what I really appreciated. She

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Acupuncture keeps back pain from disrupting conference

“I over did it on a workout on my stationery bike and strained by lower back a few day before going to a business conference.  I went to get a deep tissue massage to get some relief prior to leaving to the conference. The massage help temporarily but the pain came back the next day.

I met Amy at the

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