Feeling returns to toes impacted by neuropathy


“I came to Northshore Acupuncture seeking relief from colitis and neuropathy. As a result of acupuncture, there is more feeling in my toes and feet. I appreciated Amy’s experience, willingness to listen, pleasantness, sense of caring and ability and willingness to try new approaches. Having used acupuncture before and finding it successful, I wasn’t surprised but gratified that your... Read more »

Acupuncture helps college swimmer with recovery

“I came to see Amy because I was having trouble with fatigue both while training and throughout daily life. Her treatments have helped me with recovery, mental clarity, and relaxation and have helped me get back on track. She is great to work with and is invested in developing a solution for each of her patients. At the beginning of

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Acupuncture prevents avid bowler from retiring his ball

“I have had chronic back problems for years. I am a avid hard core bowler and a high school coach.  I had just about made up my mind to give up bowling. The everyday pain was just to much for me to bowl competitively.  Acupuncture saved me, I was really down to , if this doesn’t work, I’m done, time... Read more »

Pain relief that doesn’t tax the liver is a godsend

“I had extreme hip pain that wouldn’t go away stemming from a knee injury a week back. It felt like sciatica but it may have been a strained gluteal muscle. Either way I was skeptical but desperate for relief as I couldn’t sleep without the dull constant pain. Amy’s office is quiet & peaceful. Her attention is focused completely on

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