Hands stay warm despite Raynaud’s

“I have Raynaud’s Disease and my hands are badly affected. I’d had a previous acupuncture treatment which helped but couldn’t find a good acupuncturist locally until I came to Amy. I just went on a scuba trip to a place where I wasn’t allowed to dive with gloves. It didn’t matter- after 2 sessions I was able to dive and

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Don’t view acupuncture as a luxury when you don’t bat your eye at a $7 latte

  “Restoration is key to your health and performance! Do you look at your body as a high end sport car or an old beater…? Many people view acupuncture as a luxury but not their $7.00 Starbucks latte or $500 hand bag. Your health is everything in this world and truly the only thing you really own. We need to reprioritize... Read more »

Hot flashes no longer cause elbows to sweat

“Hot flashes were cutting into every aspect of my life. They were interrupting my work and my focus. They were even impacting my relationship by disrupting cuddle time – it’s hard to be close when you are having hot flashes.

My hot flashes were so bad that sweat was dripping down my back. Even my elbows were sweating! I also noticed

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Acupuncture feels like a reset button

“My doctor recommended acupuncture to me and told me it would be “life-changing.” I had been facing several mysterious health issues, such as dizziness, shortness of breath and intense acid reflux. My doctors weren’t able to figure out what was going on, so I listened to my doctor and decided to give acupuncture a try.

The first time I had

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