Easier to go up and down stairs

  “Lack of mobility in my knees was slowing me down. It was frustrating trying to get up and get around and do the average day to day things. My son was always bothering me about trying acupuncture.   Since acupuncture, my knees feel better consistently – the swelling is down; I don’t have to worry about episodes of... Read more »

Volleyball player gets relief from tendonitis pain to help team win championship


So why did you come in for acupuncture?
“I’m a high school volleyball player, and I was having tendonitis in my ankle. It was hard to jump…lots of pain.”

How did you feel after acupuncture?
“I felt so much better…very little pain. We won our championship league game yesterday.”

Congratulations! I know you were a little

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Acupuncture Eases Lingering Pain

“I came for acupuncture to help ease the last of the pain I was having from two herniated discs that were hitting a nerve. I did not and would not have surgery for my back, Acupuncture has helped me feel much better. I am now able to walk 2-4 miles (slowly ) . I was used to working out intensely... Read more »

Motivational speaker inspired to try acupuncture

“As somebody who has a fear of needles, like death like..now, I have a tattoo and I almost died when I got the tattoo – I was like a sweaty mess. Even my legs were sweating; I didn’t know your legs can sweat. But I had Amy went and gave me acupuncture the other night. If you are anywhere

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