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Acupuncture Center Serving the Chicagoland North Shore Community: Northbrook, Glenview, Evanston, Skokie, Wilmette, Northfield, and Chicago, Illinois.


alandolt-10_color_crop-smOur first step is getting to know you. Only then can we provide personalized acupuncture treatments to help your body heal itself.

Do you find it difficult to fall or stay asleep?  Do you feel overwhelmed or unable to fully enjoy life?

If you are like many of our patients, you are looking for an alternative approach or complement to conventional medicine. You want to address the root cause of your health issues with minimal side effects.

We have helped many people like you. Our patients are finding solutions to a variety of common conditions including insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, weight gain, and other stress disorders.

Call us at (815) 814-1319 to schedule your initial consultation or a free mini-stress reduction treatment and take control of your health!

What Sets Us Apart?

– We get to know YOU and develop a deep knowledge of your health. At every session, we listen with caring and compassion. We do not rush your session.

– We use our knowledge of your health to create a personalized treatment that will help your body heal itself. We jumpstart your body’s self-healing to address your symptoms and their root cause.

– We provide recommendations for actions that you can take outside of the treatment room to expedite your healing and maintain long-term health.

– We focus on wellness and prevention, working with you to identify and treat symptoms early before chronic issues develop.

– We believe in the integration of traditional and Western medicine, and will collaborate with other health providers to use the best from all disciplines to address your symptoms and their root cause.

– We are conveniently located (just 1 mile from a Nordstrom with a killer shoe department), have ample parking, and flexible night and weekend hours.

Laura Pryzby

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Laura Pryzby is an intuitive healing practitioner and teacher who was guided through experiences with her highly sensitive children, to wake up to the highly sensitive being within herself. Her work includes private energy healing sessions and training classes for adults,
children, teens, and families. She also offers animal communication and energy

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Dan Plyter

Dan Plyter Dan Plyter is a licensed Massage Therapist and a certified Neural Reset Therapist.   He is the founder of massageFIT in Evanston.  Dan combines a variety of traditional massage techniques with Neural Reset Therapy to gain a highly effective response from the body in terms of resetting of muscle tone, postural correction, alleviating pain from specific injuries (new or … Continue reading

Rachel Coppola

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Rachel Coppola is a yoga and meditation instructor with over two decades of experience. She first came to the practice while living in New York City and dancing on Broadway. Meditation provided (and continues to provide) the calm center within the busyness. Rachel’s guiding principle is the belief that “yoga is the journey

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