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Acupuncture To Go

We Bring the Acupuncture to You

Give your employees/participants a peaceful break to add focus, calmness and clarity to the work day or your event. 

Acupuncture in the business place or at conferences has been embraced by many organizations and is a great benefit to your employees/participants. Acupuncture provides relaxation/stress management, can help people focus as well as support their immune system.  Contact Amy at 815.814.1319 for more info.12745869_1515992238703524_8817697970693428311_n

Options Include

Group Stress Relief Treatments
We offer group stress relief treatments to provide relaxation/stress management, a sense of clarity and focus, and immune support. Check out this testimonial.

img_4064Duration: 30-45 minutes, can be modified to suit your needs

Stress Management Tips from an Acupuncturist
This on-site, hands-on interactive workshop teaches stress management techniques that your employees can utilize in the workplace. Check out this testimonial.

Duration: 30-60 minutes, can be modified to suit your needs


Facility Needs
A room with enough chairs for each participant.  We can treat in conference rooms, churches, gyms, yoga studios, hospitals, and health clinics. 12932631_1530394240596657_9127880340655676309_n