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Back Health Special Package

Back Health(1)Is your back pain keeping you from running, dancing, playing on the floor with your children or grandchildren? Have you tried everything to relieve your back pain?

Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio and Northshore Acupuncture Center have partnered to create a package to help you address your back health. continue reading »

6 daily habits to lower your risk of cancer

Blog-img - 6 daily habits to lower your risk of cancerQuit the tobacco, and don’t start if you haven’t already

It should be common sense now that smoking or chewing tobacco can lead to multiple types of cancer. If you are trying to quit, you are not alone. Try joining a support group or making a plan for yourself to set goals for quitting. Facing addiction is hard, but not using tobacco can save years of your life.

Healthy diet

A healthy, well-rounded diet can do wonders for lowering your risk of cancer and overall wellbeing.  Cut out processed sugar and instead focus on whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids that have been shown to help fight cancer. Other fish that can help reduce the risk of endometrial cancer in women include halibut, sardines and tuna. continue reading »

6 Alternative Treatments to Help with Arthritis

Blog-img - 6 Alternative Treatments to Help with Arthritis_640Exercise

For those with arthritis, exercise, no matter how little you do, is one of the best natural treatments. For those with severe arthritis, even the smallest amount of walking can make a difference. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for those with arthritis because it puts the least amount of impact on the joints. Strengthening exercises are also recommended to keep muscles and joints strong. continue reading »

7 ways to make your loved one smile this Valentine’s Day

Blog-img - 7 ways to smile this Valentines Day _640Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care. Below are some ideas to make this year’s holiday a memorable one.

Start the day off right

Make a homemade breakfast for your loved one or close family and friends in your life. Everyone can appreciate waking up to something homemade. Try doing breakfast in bed for your significant other or hosting a friends and family brunch at your house.

Show your appreciation

Don’t forget to tell your loved one how much you appreciate them. Show them how much they mean to you by making a creative list of all the reasons you are happy they are in your life. continue reading »

5 natural ways to improve women’s health

Blog - 5 natural ways to improve women’s health_640Egg health

Getting pregnant can be frustrating when it isn’t happening as easily as planned. There are many reasons you could be dealing with a difficult pregnancy including egg health. There are many factors that play into egg health including blood circulation, stress and hormonal balance. For improving blood and oxygen flow, try to get some sort of exercise whether it is yoga, running or simply going on a brisk walk at least three times a week. Ask a massage therapist about abdominal massage, which can increase blood flow to the reproductive system. Stress can also play a very important factor in egg health. Find ways to de-stress with meditation practices, acupuncture and deep breathing. continue reading »

Kidney and Bladder Health & TCM

Blog-img Kidney and Bladder Health & TCM_640The kidney is an especially important organ in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not only does it flush out the unwanted toxins from our body, but is believed to support the body’s reproductive system as well as regulate the circulation of fluids in the body.

In TCM, the kidney is the source of yin and yang, the cooling and warming energies that keep your body in balance.

When the kidney/bladder system is weak and not functioning properly, this can result in different problems and imbalances throughout the body. continue reading »

5 Burnout Prevention Strategies for Health Care Professionals

BurnoutThere is an increased risk for burnout for those in a healing profession – healthcare providers, counselors, faith leaders – because of the intensity of their work which includes excessive demands on their time and emotions. According to the CareerBuilder study, The Care Crunch: 2013 Health Care Trends, 56% of health care professionals reported a high rate of burnout among themselves and their colleagues.
Warning signs for burnout
Symptoms that indicate risk for burnout include feeling emotionally drained, negative self-talk, making cynical or sarcastic remarks, or having trouble making decisions. While we all experience these symptoms at times, when they don’t go away with time off, it can indicate a more serious concern. Some people experience physical symptoms as a result of burnout such as high blood pressure, headaches, sleeping issues, depression, anxiety or addiction.
Strategies for preventing burnout
1) Get support from others
  • Connect with mentors or colleagues.
  • Join or form a group of people who will inspire and support you.
  • Seek professional help. If you have access to an employee assistance program (EAP), take advantage of the available services.
2) Take care of yourself
  • Eat well.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep.
  • Make time regularly for a physical activity that you enjoy.IMG_1872

3) Reduce stress

  • Learn tools to help manage your stress such as meditation, prayer, yoga, imagery, humor, breathing exercises, and journaling.
  • Get acupuncture, massage and/or cognitive therapy treatments.

4) Set boundaries

  • Learn to say no to requests on your time.
  • Set a block of time where you completely disconnect from technology every day.
  • Schedule activities/commitments to force yourself to end your work day.
5) Have fun doing activities that have nothing to do with work
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Play games with family and/or friends.
  • Take up a hobby or revisit an old one.
The Northshore Acupuncture Center is helping prevent burnout by offering complimentary monthly stress relief treatments for healing professionals. Contact us at 815-814-1319 to sign up for a complimentary group stress relief treatment at Northshore Acupuncture Center in Skokie or to schedule a complimentary stress relief treatment at your healthcare organization.

7 Steps to Detox After the Holidays

Blog-img 7 Steps to Detox After the Holidays_640Get rid of leftovers

The holidays bring delicious homemade food, and along with that come the leftovers. Holiday leftovers can be just as good as when you cook the meal the first time and become a tempting go-to snack. Time to let go. Toss the leftovers, they most likely aren’t the healthiest dishes and it’s time to start fresh.

Stay hydrated

Most Americans do not drink enough water, and there is no better time to start than now! Fill up your glass at least 8 times a day. Add lemon essential oil to your water to help flush out the toxins. Some find it easier to carry a water bottle throughout the day to remind yourself to keep hydrated. Staying hydrated can flush out toxins and detox your body, as well as keeping you feeling good.  continue reading »

Curt’s Promo

FullSizeRender (1)

SS_Logo_Clean_BlueCurt’s Café Promotion 

Get $10 off your acupuncture treatment at Northshore Acupuncture Center with a receipt from Curt’s Café dated within 5 days of your appointment. Eating at Curt’s allows you to “dine with purpose” while enjoying good foot. The cafe is designed to provide training to at-risk youth in Evanston in both food service and life.

Get a free ongoing treatment with a catering receipt greater than $75 from Curt’s Café dated within two weeks of your appointment. One offer per client.

Steps to Stay Smoke-Free

blog-steps-smoke-freeSo you’ve quit smoking, or maybe you’re trying and not sure how long you will last. Either way, quitting is not easy, and staying smoke-free in the long term is even harder. You may have periods of time when you’re feeling confident and a cigarette is the last thing on your mind, or you may all of a sudden have intense cravings. Below are some ways to help keep you smoke-free for a better, healthier life. continue reading »

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