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Back Health Special Package

Back Health(1)Is your back pain keeping you from running, dancing, playing on the floor with your children or grandchildren? Have you tried everything to relieve your back pain?

Heaven Meets Earth Yoga Studio and Northshore Acupuncture Center have partnered to create a package to help you address your back health.

Acupuncture and yoga have both been shown to be effective at the management of back pain. They both help your body and energy to flow and function properly.  Together, they complement each other to ensure you are at your healthiest state physically and mentally.


3 acupuncture and cupping sessions at Northshore Acupuncture Center

1 month unlimited yoga pass at Heaven Meets Earth Yoga studio

Cost: $300 ($475 value)

To purchase a package, call Northshore Acupuncture Center at 815.814.1319.

Rules & restrictions: The acupuncture and cupping sessions must be used within 30 days of purchase.

How do acupuncture and yoga work together?

The body’s energy circulates through the body via pathways called meridians. By keeping these meridians clear and functioning properly the body is able to maintain a balanced energy and function. The stress of daily life can cause strain on the body – physically, mentally, and emotionally – blocking meridians and energy flow. These blocks can lead to sickness and pain.

Yoga promotes proper energy flow. An injury may call for more help than you’re able to give through yoga alone. Acupuncture can complement a yoga practice by focusing on specific points – acupuncture points – along the body’s meridians to stimulate blocked areas, encouraging circulation. A regular yoga practice can enhance the effectiveness of an acupuncture treatment and minimize the amount of ongoing maintenance acupuncture treatments required.

What Northshore Acupuncture Center clients are saying about how acupuncture has helped their back health:

“I have been dealing with back pain for years and nothing seemed to give me complete relief and taking pills daily was not my idea of a remedy. After a few visits with Amy my life changed. My back pain improved dramatically.” Read the full testimonial

“The acupuncture and the cupping she did on my back have made me feel great. ” Read the full testimonial

“I also had lower back tightness, one session and I instantly felt relief at the end of a session.” Read the full testimonial

“I have kidney induced back pains – sometimes I could barely move because of the pain. The acupuncture is really effective to manage my pain. I can now move around more and I have had a lot more energy. ” Read the full testimonial


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