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Knee pain relief testimonials

I know acupuncture can manage knee pain because I use it myself!

In 2013, years of running with bad form finally caught up to me and my knees were swollen and inflamed. I couldn’t work out – I couldn’t even stand or walk without pain. When my ortho told me that I would no longer be able to squat, I actually cried – not a tear running down my cheek either –  it was an ugly cry – contorted face, snot bubbles and all.

After a few weeks of lying around eating junk food and feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I was going to prove my ortho wrong.

Regular acupuncture coupled with doing whatever stretching and strengthening exercises my coach came up with got me back to squatting after a few months. My PR is now 40lbs more than it was when I was told I would never squat again.

Here are some testimonials from clients who are using acupuncture to address their knee pain.

“I hurt my knee going downstairs. It was stiffening up and interfering with walking and disrupting my sleep. I was feeling pain pretty much all the time…Amy put together a plan for me that included acupuncture, stretching, a Chinese herb called moxa, essential oils, and changes to how I put my foot on the gas pedal when I drive. I’ve seen a lot of improvement. I don’t have much pain in that leg now.” Read the full testimonial.


“I injured my knee in a fall over the winter. A cortisone shot didn’t work. The pain meds made me loopy. I was starting to feel that things were hopeless, and that the things I could do before – like bikes rides with my daughter or exploring the city with my boyfriend – I might not ever be able to do again. I was frustrated by my inability to perform even the simplest tasks – getting up off the couch, walking down several steps, walking in the grocery store…I decided to try acupuncture. After 4 treatments, the pain is incredibly decreased. I’m walking better. I’m sleeping better. I’m able to have a little bit more mobility. It has shrunk the pain.” Read the full testimonial.
“Lack of mobility in my knees was slowing me down. It was frustrating trying to get up and get around and do the average day to day things… 
Since acupuncture, my knees feel better consistently – the swelling is down; I don’t have to worry about episodes of pain. Now simple things like bending down and picking things up and getting up and down steps is easier to do.” Read the full testimonial.
“I can walk up flights of stairs now without having pain. I can go downstairs without having pain. I can walk without having pain. It’s helped me all around.” Read the full testimonial.
I have arthritic and pre-arthritic areas in my knee…I received a steroid injection 2 weeks ago to help with movement and pain… I was still having some pains…Being a nurse I believe in western medicine, but I also believe that eastern medicine can work to complement western medicine.
After one treatment with Amy there is already a reduction in pain. I can sit with my legs crossed without pain for the first time in years!” Read the full testimonial. 
“I have had a sore right knee; one of the pain killers prescribed did nothing. My right knee felt better right after my first acupuncture. ” Read the full testimonial.
If you would like to know whether acupuncture and essential oils can help relieve your knee pain, call Amy at 815.814.1319 to sign up for a free consultation or request a follow up online. If we helped relieve your pain and you would like to submit a testimonial to help educate others about acupuncture as a solution for pain management, please email me at
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