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Wife was right about acupuncture providing knee pain relief

So why did you come in for acupuncture originally?
Originally because I had pains in my knees, and from there it led to the pain in my foot – which was, I have a bad bursa. It’s helped me out a lot.
So what couldn’t you do because of the pain or what are you able to do now that you weren’t able to do before? Well I can walk up flights of stairs now without having pain. I can go downstairs without having pain. I can walk without having pain. It’s helped me all around.
Was there anything that you got out of the acupuncture that you weren’t expecting? Yes, PAIN RELIEF.
So you didn’t expect it to work? I didn’t expect it to work. I was a skeptic at first, yes. I came here unwillingly, but my wife talked me into it and I came and I tried it, and the very first time I tried it, it worked right away.
So you had to say your wife is right? My wife is right.