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Relief from knee pain

IMG_0257DSC01176“I recently found out that I have arthritic and pre-arthritic areas in my knee. I was told that I am too young for a knee replacement so I received a steroid injection 2 weeks ago to help with movement and pain. I was told that I could try to go back to lifting weights, but maintain the 2 Aleve twice a day. I was still having some pains and I didn’t even start lifting weights yet. Amy understands the importance of me getting back to a exercise regimen and what it means to be a CrossFit Athlete (we used to CrossFit together!)

Being a nurse I believe in western medicine, but I also believe that eastern medicine can work to complement western medicine.
After one treatment with Amy there is already a reduction in pain. I can sit with my legs crossed without pain for the first time in years!

I can’t wait to purchase and try out a new Rogue rig and barbell!” Belinda Farrelly, Corporate Director Information Services and CrossFit Athlete