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Easier to go up and down stairs

“Lack of mobility in my knees was slowing me down. It was frustrating trying to get up and get around and do the average day to day things. My son was always bothering me about trying acupuncture.
Since acupuncture, my knees feel better consistently – the swelling is down; I don’t have to worry about episodes of pain. Now simple things like bending down and picking things up and getting up and down steps is easier to do.
My knees held up well on vacation, and I put them to the test. I was able to get down in the dirt and help with some gardening. I whacked the driveway with a scythe.
The other day, out of the blue, my daughter said “You’re walking better.” I would encourage people to keep an open mind about acupuncture.” Jim Dashiell
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