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Able to walk at a brisk pace if needed to escape zombies

“I knew I needed to find an alternative method to heal my knee injury when I realized that, if necessary, I was unable to perform my body’s natural actions of either fight or flight. If danger were present I would not be able to defend myself or my family. If and when the zombie apocalypse occurs I need to be able to flee, or at least find a bike and get going.

I injured my knee in a fall over the winter. A cortisone shot didn’t work. The pain meds made me loopy. I was starting to feel that things were hopeless, and that the things I could do before – like bikes rides with my daughter or exploring the city with my boyfriend – I might not ever be able o do again. I was frustrated by my inability to perform even the simplest tasks – getting up off the couch, walking down several steps, walking in the grocery store.

I decided to try acupuncture. After 4 treatments, the pain is incredibly decreased. I’m walking better. I’m sleeping better. I’m able to have a little bit more mobility. It has shrunk the pain.

In addition to the acupuncture, I’m doing things on my own to help with my rehabilitation including exercises, swimming, meditation and essential oils.

I’m able to do the simplest tasks again like walk up and down the steps. I’m able to walk for longer periods of time.

My family has seen a change in the way I’m moving and my attitude. I’m more appreciative of the things I can do. And if the zombie apocalypse occurs, I can now walk at a brisk pace.” Courtne Camp


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