Relief from ongoing hip and back tightness

“I came to Northshore Acupuncture for relief of ongoing hip and lower back tightness and aching. After only two treatments, my hips are not achy and I have greater range of motion. Yoga and stretching that was intense, is less so – I am able to relax more into the stretch. Side bending and twisting is easier on left side.... Read more »

Able to sit without excruciating pain

“I was in excruciating pain due to inflammation in my sacroiliac joints. I’d had a set of X-rays, taken Tylenol, rolled and stretched my back and nothing worked…until I found Amy.  I was surprised by how quickly the pain resolved. After four sessions with Amy, I feel 90 percent better. I can function without daily pain, sit for extended periods without... Read more »

Managing menopause symptoms – hot flashes, insomnia, high blood pressure, palpitations

“I started acupuncture to help manage menopausal symptoms – palpitations,  increase in blood pressure, insomnia,  loss of energy, and hot flashes.. After 3 treatments, increasing my physical  activity, watching what I eat, taking some supplements and applying techniques that Amy has given me, I’m sleeping better, have decreased episodes of hot flashes, palpitations,  and spikes of high blood pressure, and... Read more »

Feeling returns to toes impacted by neuropathy


“I came to Northshore Acupuncture seeking relief from colitis and neuropathy. As a result of acupuncture, there is more feeling in my toes and feet. I appreciated Amy’s experience, willingness to listen, pleasantness, sense of caring and ability and willingness to try new approaches. Having used acupuncture before and finding it successful, I wasn’t surprised but gratified that your... Read more »