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Hip pain bonus side effect from menopause treatment

“I sought acupuncture treatment on the advice of my OBGYN as a means to deal with pretty serious side effects of menopause.  I figured if my “traditional” doctor was recommending it as a first step, I should try it.  I am only in my second week of treatment and already noticing a significant reduction in my symptoms.

Amy is very

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Quick relief from sciatica

“I was experiencing sciatica issues. I was having trouble controlling the pain, walking, etc. I had tried most OTC remedies with no luck. I did not want to be given medication if I could avoid it. After two acupuncture treatments, I have no sciatica pain at all. Amy has a very calming effect about her. Having never tried acupuncture before,... Read more »

Quick relief from long term neck/shoulder pain

“I’ve suffered from neck/shoulder pain for a few years and finally decided to give acupuncture a try based on the great reviews I read about Amy’s practice. After just one session with Amy, I felt pain relief and a renewed sense of energy. I woke up the next day with significantly reduced neck pain and by the second day after... Read more »

Relief from RA flare

“I called looking for an immediate appointment due to horrible pain in my arms from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was in day 9 of a horrible pain flare and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Amy kindly fit me in between other clients and said she would see what she could do with me.

We talked a ton while she had me

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