Relief from RA flare

“I called looking for an immediate appointment due to horrible pain in my arms from Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was in day 9 of a horrible pain flare and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Amy kindly fit me in between other clients and said she would see what she could do with me.

We talked a ton while she had me

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Acupuncture provides quick relief for stubborn chronic back pain

“For several years, I have been suffering from Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain. These also resulted to mild numbness of my arms and stabbing/tingling pain on my legs to my feet. I have undergone physical therapy but it does not totally alleviate the pain. It is just amazing that with just one session of acupuncture, the pain was relieved and... Read more »

Acupuncture allows massage therapist to return to work

‘I am a full-time massage therapist and yogi. Occasionally, I overdo it and my shoulder becomes “locked up”. This situation also means that I cannot work, not ideal at all!  Experience has told me that acupuncture is my weapon of choice when this occurs. My treatment with Amy was eclectic and quite successful! She used needles, cupping and finished with

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Relief from constant pain in shoulder blade

“The main reason to try acupuncture was a constant pain in my left shoulder that radiated from my shoulder blade down my arm.  The pain was strong enough to wake me from sleeping several times.  I had gone to see an orthopedic physician who dismissed it as tendonitis without doing a thorough examination and sent me to do some physical... Read more »