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Able to be in school full time

“I have struggled with severe anxiety since I was little (diagnosed at age 6) and as I have gotten older, the mental struggles present physically in my body, with most of the common manifestations in my body being stomach aches, headaches, fatigue, flu-like symptoms. I have had a hard time finding holistic ways to reduce it. Amy’s suggestions and tips in addition to the actual acupuncture helped tremendously as well.
Previous to seeking treatment I was having a hard time even leaving my house or accomplishing anything. I had tremendous anxiety about everything at all times. Now, I am able to be in school full time as well, working and maintaining a social life. Although it is still there, my anxiety has decreased immensely and I am able to get through some days with no constant worrying like I had before.
I love that Amy is all ears at all times, and a no judgement zone. I have struggled with doctors and trusting people in general, but I know anything I say with Amy or ask for guidance about is completely confidential and never judged. She creates a great environment to not only receive acupuncture in but to just confide in someone in. I never feel like I am going to a doctors office or going to receive a medical procedure, instead it’s just a fun thing to do that happens to be extremely beneficial. Although this is the only way I have received acupuncture, I have spoken to friends that have received acupuncture through other providers, and Amy blows them out of the park with the environment created as well as her application and knowledge on TCM in general and many other topics.
 I went into acupuncture not expecting it to help as much as it did. I was extremely surprised. With my anxiety being so high my whole life and not much helping it, I have been extremely skeptical about treatments in general. In addition to doing the work myself, changing habits (suggested by Amy), and frequent acupuncture, my life has positively changed. “
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