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Acupuncture didn’t resolve my issue

“I have a mild headache that’s been with me for the past 10 months. Treatment from a pain doctor didn’t really offer much relief. I’ve used acupuncture before for various ailments, often with great results.
This was my first visit with Northshore Acupuncture Center; a good friend recommended Amy to me.  What I really liked was how she set expectations for the procedure up front.  I had a previous experience where I kept getting treatments long after I should have stopped.  Amy estimated four treatments would be enough to know whether acupuncture would be effective for this particular issue.  It turned out my issue didn’t resolve.
Amy doesn’t give up easily; she continues to network with other healthcare practitioners and research therapies like neck traction with a skilled physical therapist to address the headache.
I’ll definitely be back knowing a worthwhile effort won’t turn into a rabbit hole (nothing against rabbits).” Mark Foisy
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