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Vibrational sound therapy reduces tinnitus

“I highly recommend the Vibrational Sound Therapy with Amy. It is unlike anything I have experienced, and I am a veteran of
Massage and Acupuncture!

As part of my monthly cancer treatments, I am required to take high doses of steroids the day of and the day after my infusion. Recently, when I was having my vitals taken, just prior to the treatment, the nurse said, “Uh oh, seems like you must have forgotten to take your steroids? Your heart rate and pulse are in the normal range and are quite low”. Nope, I had taken the usual medication but, I had an amazing session of Vibrational Sound Therapy after.

That is just one of the many benefits of this extraordinarily unique and relaxing experience. I have also had tinnitus for 15 years, while the Vibrational Sound Therapy does not eliminate the ringing, it significantly reduces it and it also aligns the tone and volume between my ears.

Amy is an intuitive healer, I am so glad I am working with her, this has made a big difference in my health!” Edie