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Back to taking long walks

“Hallelujah!!! I have already shared my experience with everyone within my listening range.  Your skill in the administration of acupuncture has enabled me to once again ambulate, move without the assistance of a cane, work for longer periods of time in our store, and to once again go on 30 minute walks, solo, without the assistance of a companion.
The addition of practical advice such as how to situate my foot while driving, reminding me to wear my orthotics, demonstrating how to get up (bend) after sitting for long periods of time, how to sleep with a pillow between my legs, etc., are just a few examples of the many ways your sage advice has  enabled me to move toward wholeness again.
The psychological environment is quiet, peaceful and supportive of healing.  And, everyone should know that the needles are painless, you hardly feel a thing.”
Jean Murphy, YoFresh Cafe