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5 tips for surviving morning sickness

Essential oils

Apply lemon, grapefruit or a detoxification blend topically over your liver area daily to help manage morning sickness.

Use ginger or a digestive blend proactively – don’t wait until you feel sick. Diffuse them aromatically, take internally in a glass of warm water or apply topically to wrists.

We suggest using doTERRA essential oils. You can order them at retail prices on or call us at 815.814.1319 to find out how to get wholesale pricing.

Ginger tea

Buy some fresh ginger from the grocery store, and steep a thin slice of ginger in hot water for 5 minutes, and then drink the “ginger tea”.

Guided imagery

Try this guided imagery that was shared in an Oprah magazine article.

“Visualize walking barefoot down a long stone staircase. Inhale slowly through the nose for four counts while focusing on how cool the stones feel. Then exhale for eight to ten counts through pursed lips as you imagine taking a step down. Continue until the queasiness has passed.”

Fennel seeds

Try chewing on fennel seeds whenever you are feeling nauseous or crush the seeds and make a fennel tea.


Morning sickness responds particularly well to acupuncture, and we can show you specific points that you can massage at home to help restore your appetite. Here is a testimonial from one client who responded very well with acupuncture.

If these tips aren’t enough to get rid of your morning sickness, call us at 815.814.1319 to schedule a consultation.

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