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Runner able to race to the top (10,000 feet)

Galibier 2015“I enjoy trail running and was on track with my training plan when some acute pain above the left knee (where the quads attached to the knee) stopped my training. The first and second treatments gave me the confidence that I could fix it after battling with the injury for more than a month. I knew from there I could do my run. With the help of Amy, through dialogue and acupuncture we knocked off enough of the pain to get back on the saddle.

It works! I was able to do my trail run in the Alps.
The treatment was very holistic and very integrative. It helped me take concscience that was happening at the pain point may actually come from somewhere else. Amy is very knowledgeable, very attentive to the details of the body/mind and soul and looking for solutions.
With Amy, my acupuncture experience (first time) was painless and the speed of recovery beat all my expectations.” OV, Trail Runner