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Having a life with Crohn’s disease

IMG_0952“I have attached a photo of the smile you’ve brought to my life….a smile I hadn’t had in years before we met.

I had read how acupuncture could be used to manage Crohn’s Disease; I never really knew how until you explained how acupuncture is used to balance out my body…I can’t tell you how many times people told me that illness comes from imbalance. Well I am a believer and as you can see….smiling ear to ear.

Before we met my routine was to work for 5 hours, come home and eat a small meal and spend the rest if the evening doubled over in cramps. …I didn’t go out what seemed 3 years due to not feeling well and anxiety this illness has brought to me. Since our sessions I have been cramp free, my anxiety is minimal and I’ve been on 3 dates in 3 weeks and feel a bit at peace with this illness.

I just wanted to thank you for your knowledge and kindness through this process. The information and treatments you give me each week is priceless. It’s great having you as part of my wellness team. I would highly recommended you to others suffering from Crohn’s  as well.

Bushels of thanks for my big smile!” Steve Rasof, Independent Floor Broker