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Increased energy


“My primary reason for treatment was to increase energy levels and overall wellness. I am an athlete and train about 6 days a week and fully believe in preventative health. I was surprised at how my fast my treatments worked. Within minutes of finishing my treatment I felt better, less stressed and felt restored. In the following days my energy levels were great and I was surprised on how  great I felt, not only at work but also in my workouts.
Amy was able to clearly articulate what treatments she was performing but also was a great listener as I described how I felt and what my concerns were. She also gave me insight to how acupuncture, diet and exercise work together to promote higher energy levels and a better life balance. Her overall presentation and knowledge of the body is impressive and is cause for me to highly recommend her for any acupuncture treatments. ” Jill K, Crossfit Athlete and External Auditor