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End to abdominal pain

“I started seeing Amy last June because I was in a lot of pain, and had digestive
problems. I had a bowel resection, and my doctor could not come up a
reason or a solution to the horrible pain I was experiencing. I was not able to
work or even go for a walk because the pain was so intense. After being treated
by Amy once I noticed a small difference in the level of pain, so I continued to see
her. After a month I was pain free for days at a time. I continued the treatments
and I am thrilled to say I have been pain free for months.
Amy takes time to find out what is going on in your life and how it affects your body. She helped me
with nutritional needs, exercise and ways to handle stress. She is always willing
to listen to your problems and works to find a resolution to them.” Lynne Perillo, Teacher