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Motivational speaker inspired to try acupuncture

“As somebody who has a fear of needles, like death, I have a tattoo and I almost died when I got the tattoo – I was like a sweaty mess. Even my legs were sweating; I didn’t know your legs can sweat. But I had Amy went and gave me acupuncture the other night. If you are anywhere in the Chicago area, I highly recommend that you go and see Amy,  Amy tell them how they can get in touch with you there in the Chi town area. Because she not only explained the benefits of acupuncture and what it does. What I loved is you just sharing your knowledge and how you were learning and what you learned about each of the different sets of the benefits, and  really calmed my mind about the process and what was going to happen. And then kept checking in on me “how are you feeling” “are you OK, are you going to faint?”  Right, right..  just so lovingly or just supported me through that. If anyone lives in the Chicago area, they can reach me at or just Perfect. Well, I love you. Thank you so much. I love you.” Matt Gil