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Shoulder pain relief with acupuncture

“I started coming to Amy mid 2015.  I was under major stress from being in nursing school and was having a big problem with my left shoulder.  I initially came once a week achieving progress with each treatment.  every week went to every other week until I was back to 100% range-of-motion.  I no longer experience pain when doing my facial massage.  And I can shave my armpit!

Amy practices holistic care: mind, body, and soul. I would come in for my treatment stressed out, angry, tired, anxious and venting venting venting.  Amy, with her calm non-judgemental energy, truly listens.  Her communication is therapeutic, drawing out the information that is needed for the client/patient to release so they can achieve revelation.  That happens to me every time I go there…I walk away with new insight, grounded and a sense of power to take on the forces that be.  We get so caught up our craziness, our self-doubt, our impatience, our skewed thinking/ideas, that we cannot see the answers or the truths that are right in front of our eyes. Amy has the uncanny ability to help you recognize this.
This therapist is amazing!  She will not only help your body to help heal itself but she will also help your heart, mind, and spirit heal itself too!  You will walk away from Amy with so much more than an acupuncture treatment…guaranteed!!! Taina Gordon