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No Black Friday Promotions 2021

No Black Friday Promotions

SS_Logo_Clean_BlueNorthshore Acupuncture Center is not offering Black Friday promotions beyond the holiday special offers.

Northern Lights Apothecary said it perfectly:
“As an anti-capitalist business owner, I don’t want to participate in Black Friday. It fosters a sense of greed, of gotta-have-it-all that goes against my ethics. What’s more, mindless consumption contributes to climate change by wasting resources.”
Instead of offering sales and discounts, I am making reparations by contributing 20% of the proceeds from all gift certificate purchases and treatments on Friday, November 26th towards mental health costs for those marginalized people from our community who are most impacted by capitalism.
Call 815.814.1319 or email to purchase gift certificates or schedule a treatment.
Shop small!!
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