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Daily Sparks of Joy

My life feels flat!… I don’t have anything to look forward to…I’m struggling to make new friends or meet people…I’m not even sure what brings me joy anymore…My interactions with people are all surface level right now.

We’ve all been there – and these feelings have been amplified by the pandemic. You get busy with your responsibilities and day to day routine, and lose touch with your joy and excitement. You don’t prioritize your own happiness and wellness. You crave adventure, connection, joy, lightness, creativity, and purpose.

Daily Sparks of Joy is a four week group exploration to add joy and excitement back into your life and make some authentic deep connections. Rediscover and reconnect with what lights you up.

What: Four weekly 1 hour group Zoom sessions; 30-60 minutes daily homeplay (Date/time still TBD)

Cost: Suggested total donation for 4 sessions ($60 pay it forward, $40 full-price, $20 ‘tighten belt’, $5-10 hardship). See our fee structure for details about tighten belt vs hardship. All proceeds from the class will go towards funding my Acupuncture with a Side of Activism dream.

Some of the activities/homework will be based on exercises from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. You don’t need the book to participate. If you would like the book, please consider getting a copy from your library or purchasing from one of our local bookstores (Booked, Bookends and Beginnings, Page One, or Semicolon) instead of purchasing it from the Zon or a big box store. Note: there is an anniversary edition that appears to be cheaper.

Don’t continue to put off your happiness. Make time to add some excitement and joy in your life with a community who will cheer you on!

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