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Fall Tune-Up Special – $50

Northshore Acupuncture Center is offering a deal on fall tune-ups which is a group of points that will help make the transition to fall smoother. The cost is only $50 on Tuesday 10/11 & 10/18 between 1-3pm and Wednesday 10/12 & 10/19 between 2-3pm. Call 815.814.1319 or schedule online.

Do you have a cough or sore throat? Have you noticed your skin issues are more aggravated? Have you felt sad or struggled with change? Have you been more constipated? The transition to fall may be to blame. The transition to fall disrupts our lung and large intestine channels which can cause some of those symptoms.

In East Asian medicine, fall is associated with the metal element. This is the season of contraction and moving inwards, of dryness. The Lungs and Large intestine are the organs associated with the metal element. At this time of year, the Lungs and Large Intestine are at their most vulnerable and most likely to be affected by wind, cold and dryness.

The element of metal governs the mind, order, stability and organization. Fall is a great time to organize and let go of things that no longer serve you. Emotionally, fall is associated with sadness and grief. Acupuncture can ease the transition to fall by helping boost your immune system, process sadness and unresolved grief, and let go of things that no longer serve you.

The change in seasons places additional demands on our bodies.  The body can have difficulty adapting to the change leaving us vulnerable physically and mentally, and therefore more likely to get sick.

Acupuncture is recommended at each seasonal change, with a particular emphasis on spring and fall when our bodies have to adapt more dramatically. A seasonal tune up with an acupuncturist can improve overall health by enhancing the body’s immune system to keep illness at bay.  A seasonal treatment can also provide a boost in energy levels, elevated mood and a sense of well-being

A seasonal acupuncture tune up works in much the same way as getting your car serviced. Your body and mind can also benefit from a quick tune up to help you look and feel your best.

Call 815.814.1319 or schedule your tune-up online.

Note: If you would like to address additional issues, you will be charged for a personalized treatment.

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