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Cari Jacobson

Dr. Cari Jacobson, D.C.



Dr. Cari Jacobson licensed to practice Chiropractic and Holistic Medicine in California and Illinois, opened Be Optimal Holistic Health Center in 2010. Dr. Cari’s objective is to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness by balancing the body physically, chemically, emotionally, and energetically. She passionately believes that when we are in balance, we thrive! She also realizes that every body is different and, therefore, utilizes many techniques to customize treatment to each patient. Dr. Cari is known for her eclectic style of integrative healing modalities and adjusting techniques. In addition, Dr. Cari considers nutrition an integral part in treating the health and wellness of each person.

What is your bedtime ritual?

I shut down all electronics about an hour or 2 prior to bed, run a bath with whatever oils call to me and epsom salt and soak to wash the day away, allow my body to relax and then I noodle into bed for perfect sleep!

If you have had a particularly challenging day and your normal bedtime routine isn’t enough for you to fall asleep, what do you try next?

If I had a particularly challenging day or I have a lot on my mind, I do what I call “Brain Dumping”…I write…uninterrupted, unfiltered writing of at least 3 pages following or prior to my bath time.  It clears my head, allows me to get clarity on any “to-do” items that I create on a separate sheet of paper. I shred the pages (which is quite therapeutic) and then I can usually breathe better and allow myself to feel an ability to rest my brain and body.

What purchase of $100 or less has improved your sleep the most?

I LOVE quiet and darkness when I sleep. However, I have really enjoyed the VerVita Oils line…there are 6 different oils and each one helps to shift and support different body systems.  They are under $30 per
bottle and have been AMAZING!  Additionally for patients, there is a product called Lavela.  This is a high potency lavender oil
pill/supplement where the clinical studies have proven more effective than any anti-anxiety Rx drug on the market!  It has been a game
changer for many of my patients.

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