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Annie Fitzgerald

Annie Fitzgerald, PCC

Annie Fitzgerald is a leadership and life coach. Annie came to coaching because she needed to be coached. She had two small kids who never slept and her husband had been diagnosed with terminal cancer a couple of years before. She was S.T.U.C.K, filled with anxiety, and exhausted. Coaching moved her forward and shifted her perspective of life from one of struggle to one of gratitude and joy.

What is your bedtime ritual?

I brush my teeth, hug my kids, wash my face, read, and fall asleep.


What do you do during the day that has the biggest impact (positive or negative) on your sleep? 

No caffeine after 11ish am.


In the last 5 years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your sleep?

Regular bed times and wake times.


If you have had a particularly challenging day and your normal bedtime routine isn’t enough for you to fall asleep, what do you try next?



What purchase of $100 or less has improved your sleep the most?

Grayscale kindle.  I can read with the lights off and drift off.

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