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Acupuncture supports fertility

“I came to see Amy in November of 2015 after about 10 or 11 months of trying to get pregnant on my own. I was having difficulties. I have some extenuating hormonal circumstances, and had started doing some other alternative medicine things such as orthobionomy but still wasn’t having a lot of luck.  And so I came to see Amy, mostly for that purpose.  And after actually only one session, I was able to get pregnant, but unfortunately that did end in a miscarriage. But she helped me deal with the symptoms and processing of that. And after a couple more sessions, by late January, I was able to get pregnant again.  Here I am now, almost 6 months along. Things are going very well. So far my pregnancy has also been very (knock on wood)relatively smooth in terms of symptoms. I credit the acupuncture and orthobionomy and other things that I am doing like that  to help with the nausea and things like that as well.” Kate D, Office Manager/Executive Assistant