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Sleeping more restfully than ever

“For about two years now I have been suffering from terrible seasonal allergies. The inability to breathe through my nose during high season left me restless. I would take a cocktail of allergy medications and sleeping aids, but still no luck. After visiting an allergist I was able to get that issue under control, however the anxiety of sleep and lack of it still haunted me. I was breathing just fine at night, but my mind was constantly racing and anticipating. My body would eventually pass out from exhaustion around 6am and I’d wake around 8am. Dreaming was not a pleasurable experience. Due to this exhaustion my mind would run wild. Dreams didn’t make any sense, I’d see colors, letters, numbers, nothing cohesive. Running on two hours of restless sleep left me feeling drained, fatigue and moody during the day. I felt like I had tried everything a western doctor would suggest: sleeping tablets, melatonin, setting a bedtime routine, but nothing worked. I told my allergist about this issue and she suggested I try acupuncture by Amy Landolt.

I was desperate, immediately after my allergist’s suggestion I made an appointment with Amy. I am not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical of the thought that poking needles into my body would cure my insomnia. After a brief checkup she noticed things about my physical health I didn’t even share with her or even notice about myself. She prescribed a holistic regime of meditation, yoga and herbs. The night after my first appointment I slept the most I had in months. 

After a month of working with Amy, one-to-two-times a week, I am sleeping more restfully than ever. Along with acupuncture she advised to incorporate yoga and medication, which has helped speed up the healing process as well as helped me grow as a person. 

Amy is extremely knowledgable and affable. She really wants to help her clients and is very passionate about her work. I would highly recommend her practice to anyone struggling with insomnia and anxiety.” Penelope Leventis

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