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Feels well enough to fly


“I’ve experienced back problems for many years. Most recently, my sciatic nerve became irritated and the pain was almost unbearable. I met Amy through a business program that we are both members of, and she immediately gained my trust.  I’d never had acupuncture services before, but my pain was so intense I was willing to do whatever it took to alleviate it.  I called Amy for a an initial phone consultation and I knew from that conversation that she had a command of her trade. I booked a 90 minute intense session. When Amy was done, I was amazed at the exponential relief I experienced after just one session. I felt so good, I felt as if I could fly. If you’ve never had acupuncture services and are a little apprehensive,  let Amy provide your first service. She will alleviate your pain and your concerns.” Lashell Drake, Transformational Life Coach