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Acupuncture is my “not-so-secret” weapon

“I developed a wicked head cold on Tuesday. When I get sick, it usually develops into something worse, due to my asthma. I went in to see Amy first thing Wednesday morning, and she made me human again. Using acupuncture, cupping, guasha and essential oils, Amy expertly worked the sickness out of my system in less than an hour. I arrived sneezing, congested and aching, and I departed with a clear head and nose. Two days later, and although I’m still a little exhausted, my head has been clear since Wednesday and the cold was definitively nipped in the bud. I feel like you are my not-so-secret weapon (since I talk about your services constantly). But I feel so much better going into winter knowing that your work is building up my immunity and can help me quickly should I get sick.” Jen Roberts, Real Estate Attorney at Jen Roberts Law.