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Excited to reclaim sleep

After one acupuncture session: 
“Thank you for the session yesterday. I slept from 12:15 until 6:45am. Wow! A full six and 1/2 hours. I feel more rested than I have in months. Lack of sleep was leaving me feeling fatigued most of the day, every day. It was hard to focus on any project, personal or professional, to see it through to conclusion. Or if I did, it required more time than ever. I know I was more irritable than usual, too. 

Though I was most concerned about restoring my sleep pattern, an unexpected delight is that I woke up the day after my first session with NO pain in my thumbs!!  Unbelievable. I typically awake every morning with excruciating pain in both of my thumb joints. Though I still have a limited range of motion, the absence of pain is remarkable (and a surprise!). 

One of the benefits of yesterday’s session was that you “tucked me into bed”, and the gentle loveliness of that contributed greatly! Maybe not only in the session itself, but it laid down a good memory—or triggered very old good memories of my childhood bedtime ritual. 

THANK YOU!!!  I am excited to go to bed tonight! Often I have a sort of low-level dread as the hour draws nigh! Now I am excited to use my oils, listen to the meditation you suggested and reclaim my sleep!!! I know this may take a while to really turn around. But I am full of hope, which I was not before we began meeting.” Margaret M.

Update after 4 appointments: 
I am sleeping 6-7 hours most nights, which I hadn’t for over a year. The pain in my thumbs is almost non-existent.