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Summer 2016 Referral Contest

summer referral contest postToday we’re asking you to help expand the Northshore Acupuncture Center community by inviting your friends to try acupuncture. Each friend you refer will receive $25 off their first treatment, and you’ll get $25 off your next treatment after their first appointment. In addition, if you bring in the most referrals this summer, you’ll win $200 credit towards acupuncture treatments and a six pack of Ten Ninety‘s Zen Pale Ale.

You can share this link with friends to get their $25 off. Also please share on social media, and ask friends to mention your name when they schedule or come into the office. Your friends are more likely to try acupuncture if you share some of the benefits you’ve seen when you post the referral info.

Rules and regulations: A client is only considered a referral for purposes of this contest if they have never received a treatment at Northshore Acupuncture Center and they schedule and complete an initial consultation and treatment by September 21, 2016. Only one client can receive credit for an individual referral. If there is a tie, then each winner will receive one complimentary acupuncture treatment and a six pack of Zen Pale Ale.  If you are not 21 or older, you will win a 6 pack of rootbeer in place of the Zen Pale Ale.13323580_1551100311859383_2432614996420087697_o

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