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Announcing Symphony of the Cells Essential Oil treatments

doTERRA coverNorthshore Acupuncture Center is now offering Symphony of the CellsTM essential oil treatments as an additional service to supplement acupuncture treatments. Symphony of the CellsTM is a collection of 12 essential oil application techniques formulated by Boyd Truman based on over 20 years of practical knowledge and use of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

We are offering complimentary SOC treatments with acupuncture treatments at our Skokie office in May. Ongoing, the SOC treatments will be $25 with an acupuncture treatment.

Call Amy at 815.814.1319 to schedule your appointment now.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Acupuncture With SOC

“I can’t express enough the amazing benefits I felt when I experienced acupuncture in combination with the Symphony of the CellsTM essential oil hormonal treatment.  For the next two days, I felt more grounded and calm, and slept phenomenally!” Lisa Skripps
“I felt so peaceful during and after my Symphony of the CellsTM and acupuncture treatment from Amy.  I felt that receiving both of the treatments at the same time allowed me to fully experience the benefits in order to give my body what it needed.” Jill Rigby
“I can honestly say due to the Symphony of the CellsTM essential oil respiratory treatment, I am breathing better.” Paula Silver
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