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Putting Your Oxygen Mask on First – What Are You Tolerating?

“You get what you tolerate.” John Brady

In the coaching program I’m involved with, we had to make a list of all of the things we are “tolerating” in our life. Things we “tolerate” are usually areas of our life where we are putting up with something, without being aware of the cost to our energy and time. We put up with, accept, take on and are dragged down by unfinished projects, incomplete chores, people’s behavior, unmet needs, crossed boundaries, frustrations, problems and even our own behavior.

Physical, emotional and mental tolerations drain your energy and distract you from your priorities. After you make a list of all of the things you are tolerating, you don’t need to make an action plan for all of them. Just by being aware of them, you’ll start handling, eliminating, fixing, growing through and resolving these tolerations.

Looking back at the list I made 1 1/2 years ago, several of the items have resolved themselves or changed without me taking focused action. Just being aware of it created a shift which gradually changed things.

But the top thing on my list – getting rid of clutter is still my top thing – and is draining my energy more than ever. I’m going to apply the #5secondrule along with some visualization (and the help of my kids) to tackle this. I’m excited to see how my life changes when I free up space!

If you don’t already have a list, make a list of things you are putting up with in your home, work, relationships, and health, and add to it over a few days. Look at how you are spending your time and whether it reflects your priorities. If not, what clues does that give you about things you are tolerating? Look at your home and work space – is it inspiring, relaxing or comfortable? What are you tolerating in your space?

Once you have brought awareness to things you are putting up with, pay attention to times when you feel drained. Note whether any of the things you are tolerating are the cause of the energy drain. If you are noticing there is a pattern of certain things draining your energy, make a plan to change them!!

If you have been tolerating pain or sleep issues or anxiety or too much stress, then give me a call at 815.814.1319 if you would like to talk more about how I can help you address those tolerations.

Let me know how you go about tackling your tolerations!

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