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Marcy Kirshenbaum

Marcy Kirshenbaum, MS, CCN, CNS, CLT, LDN

Marcy Kirshenbaum is a certified clinical nutritionist and the founder of Enhance Nutrition. Marcy works with individuals to define an individualized nutritional programs designed to achieve their health and wellness goals based on their nutritional needs and health conditions. The nutritional protocol may include food additions, food eliminations, food preparation guidelines, supplemental nutrient support and lifestyle modifications. Marcy specializes in assisting clients to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle changes to address conditions such as cancer, diabetes, gastro-intestinal issues, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and weight loss as well as other health issues.

What is your bedtime ritual?
– Stop eating three hours before bedtime
– 20 minutes in the Infrared sauna
– Reading wearing blue light blocking glasses
– Using my diffuser with lavender oil
What do you do during the day that has the biggest impact (positive or negative) on your sleep?
– Eating high quality, nutrient dense foods with which I know my body responds well.
– Exercising
– Getting off the computer at least 1 hour before bedtime. If using the computer late, wearing blue light blocking glasses.
In the last 5 years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your sleep?
Understanding my shifting hormones and working to rebalance them with food and supplements.
If you have had a particularly challenging day and your normal bedtime routine isn’t enough for you to fall asleep, what do you try next?
I take melatonin which I know tends to be low in my system and focus on my breathing.
What purchase of $100 or less has improved your sleep the most?
– Melatonin or other sleep supplement combos
– Thin Optics blue light blocking reading glasses



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