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Jodie Baudek

Jodie Baudek



Jodie Baudek is the founder and owner of Essence of Life Integrative Wellness Studios, an entrepreneur, busiess woman, author, speaker, coach and more! She is known for her niche of yoga, pilates, meditation, and breathwork, but there isn’t anything she hasn’t taught because of her love of physical fitness. She certifies in yoga, meditation, pilates, and barre. More recently you can find her coaching, speaking on forums, and creating online courses. Check out her daily nuggets on Instagram. She is an international best selling author, YouTube host, Podcast host, and blogger.

What is your bedtime ritual?
Saying a prayer, being in Gratitude for the day regardless.
What do you do during the day that has the biggest impact (positive or negative) on your sleep?
Yoga, pilates,  meditation and nutrition.
In the last 5 years, what new belief, behavior or habit has most improved your sleep?
Turning off work. I love what I do, so long days are nothing.  Establishing healthy boundaries, saying no without an exclamation. Writing in my journal.
If you have had a particularly challenging day and your normal bedtime routine isn’t enough for you to fall asleep, what do you try next?  
If meditation and breathwork won’t do the trick, an Epsom salt bath with oils and soothing music.
What purchase of $100 or less has improved your sleep the most?
Acupuncture makes a really big difference – keeping on schedule with that. Giving myself permission to turn off and sleep great every night.
I write in my daily manifesto journal that I sleep great every night.  (Speaking as if it’s already your truth helps with the law of attraction.) 
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