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Connecting to the Community: Jane

One key part of your health is your connection to your community. And one way to connect with your community is to get involved and give back. Each month, we feature different ways members of the Northshore Acupuncture Center community are rolling up their sleeves and giving back.

This month, we are featuring Jane’s involvement with the Friends of the Evanston Farmers Markets.

Friends of Evanston Farmers Markets offers a matching program, which doubles LINK/SNAP purchases dollar for dollar. In other words, families and Link card users can get twice the dollar value when they use their LINK/SNAP benefits at farmers’ markets.

Though farmers markets can offer competitive pricing on many items that can be found at your typical grocery store, the reality is that a family’s SNAP budget is often their entire food budget for the month. Therefore, scarce food dollars lead to some tough food choices for Evanstonians on a tight budget. That means that those families who share our love for fresh fruits and vegetables are forced to select less nutritious foods in order to put any food on the table. But farmers markets are stepping up to help families with low-incomes stretch their SNAP dollars further.

You can get involved by making a donation and/or by attending this year’s benefit (with me) on Monday, October 30th at Found.

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