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21 Day Self-Care Slay

21-day-fbDo you take care of everyone else while neglecting yourself? Have you gained weight from not paying attention to what you eat? Do you feel exhausted and depleted? Does the thought of being by yourself scare you?  Are you tired of the monotony of your life?

Self-care is often the first thing we drop when we are overwhelmed. The times when we feel least able to make time for self-care are the times when we most need it.

We are offering a complimentary 21 day self-care challenge starting Sunday, January 7, 2018. Each day, challenge participants will receive an email with actions to tune into their spiritual, emotional and physical needs and create time and space for self-care. The activities will help participants nurture their bodies, calm their minds, uplift their spirits, feel more connected with themselves, their body and others, and reclaim their health and joy.

If you are interested in learning more about the challenge, you can contact Amy at 815.814.1319 or enroll online.

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