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Relief from chronic stomach pain

FullSizeRender (3)“For a long time, I’ve struggled with stomach problems such as an upset stomach, heartburn, and stomach pains. I’ve had reoccurring kidney stones since I was 12 and I have hepatosplenomegaly. On top of the medical conditions, I was overwhelmed with stress. I went to GI doctors and general practitioners; they couldn’t give me an answer. I went gluten free, and it helped a lot, but not enough. I gave up on trying to find a chemical solution and decided to try and find a more natural solution.

After attending weekly sessions of acupuncture, I have been able to eat again with no problems or pain; my stomach inflammation has gone down, and I’m no longer in a lot of pain. Amy was able to help rid me of the pain in my wrist that developed from years of colorguard and that continued with fencing. I am able to fence with no wrist pain. The acupuncture treatments have reduced my stress levels and I am able focus more on my studies.

Amy takes everything into consideration and unlike many of the other doctors I visited, she listens. If you are nervous about needles, she talks you through it and even gradually lets you work up to the suggested amount.

I was surprised I actually found results. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much. It’s a feeling of relaxation and relief, and it’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s not an immediate and drastic change after the first treatment; you have to keep going back. What I like best about acupuncture is that unlike medications, acupuncture doesnt have negative side effects, that sometimes are worse than the condition that you were taking the medication for in the first place.” S. Erhardt, Pre-Med Student