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Relief allows me to focus on who I am outside of my Hashimotos and sleep issues

“Before acupuncture treatments I would go days without sleeping. I was amazed that after just one session I was able to sleep through the night despite sleeping pills and other sleep therapies not working for me! I am getting more (sound) sleep than I’ve probably ever had in my life.

I also had many symptoms associated with Hashimotos: weekly migraines, hot flashes, stomach pain, fatigue, joint pain, Reynaud’s, anxiety, acne, constipation and irregular menstrual cycles. I had extreme sensitivity to cold, brain fog and ADHD. Since starting acupuncture my symptoms are either gone or now manageable. I was shocked when I went in to check my last thyroid levels and my numbers were finally within normal range… this is after months of being on medications that made my levels worse. My anxiety has almost resolved completely.

The combination of sleeping and being anxiety free has resulted in a more hopeful outlook on life, and a sense that fully healing the health problems that I’ve had since I was 7 is in fact possible. Acupuncture has allowed me to plan more for the future. Before I was scared to make plans even just days in advance because my health was so inconsistent, now my symptoms have become so manageable I’m able to schedule trips months ahead of time. Before I started acupuncture I was forced to spend all of my time trying to figure out my health concerns, I saw new doctors regularly, and tried every treatment recommended to me. Since I started doing acupuncture I have not needed to see a doctor once. This has allowed me the time to focus on who I am outside of my health problems.

I leave every session feeling like I had more than just acupuncture done. From diet to meditation I always feel like I leave much more informed than I was when I walked in. What really stood out to me is how Amy approached my health in a big picture way free of judgment.” Tori Klare

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