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Quick relief from long term neck/shoulder pain

“I’ve suffered from neck/shoulder pain for a few years and finally decided to give acupuncture a try based on the great reviews I read about Amy’s practice.
After just one session with Amy, I felt pain relief and a renewed sense of energy. I woke up the next day with significantly reduced neck pain and by the second day after treatment, I had full neck mobility. Seriously felt like a new person!
I loved the thorough and holistic approach Amy took in reviewing my health history and areas of concern. She has a calm, laid back demeanor that is very welcoming and helps to put any nerves at ease. Amy is a wealth of knowledge and shared so many helpful tips, resources, and simple exercises to help alleviate neck pain. I loved that she was so open and willing to share such valuable information with me. Definitely felt like I got more bang for my buck!
I was surprised by how painless the whole procedure was. I was nervous about the needles but felt no pain, maybe slight discomfort when some of the needles went in, but overall completely manageable. I was also surprised by the feeling of renewed energy — I wasn’t anticipating that, but welcomed it with open arms. Overall, completely happy with my experience and would highly, highly recommend Amy!” Taylor H.