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Pain relief that doesn’t tax the liver is a godsend

“I had extreme hip pain that wouldn’t go away stemming from a knee injury a week back. It felt like sciatica but it may have been a strained gluteal muscle. Either way I was skeptical but desperate for relief as I couldn’t sleep without the dull constant pain. Amy’s office is quiet & peaceful. Her attention is focused completely on you. I didn’t even hear her phone ring or her make a call. She is thorough completing her health screening and explained each procedure as she administered her care.

I went in with pain at 15 on a scale of one to ten and left at 2-3. I actually was able to sleep last night and woke up with a smile. Intense pain can be extremely depressing and cause one to not focus or be present, but any relief that doesn’t tax the liver is a godsend.

In bouts of desperation and before it gets that far, visit Amy. It works!” AH

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