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Pain relief testimonials June 2015-May 2016

Pain Relief FB

Although I haven’t experienced as severe pain as many of my clients, I do know what it is like to have pain keep you from doing the things you love. Thanks to my fellow acupuncturist Christina Guthrie for recommmending the Balance Method training which has been instrumental in the relief of a lot of pain – plus it is a fun party trick to show that a needle placed in a left elbow can relieve pain in a right knee.



Back pain

“I have been dealing with back pain for years and nothing seemed to give me complete relief and taking pills daily was not my idea of a remedy. After a few visits with Amy my life changed. My back pain improved dramatically.” Read the full testimonial

“The acupuncture and the cupping she did on my back have made me feel great. ” Read the full testimonial

“I also had lower back tightness, one session and I instantly felt relief at the end of a session.” Read the full testimonial

“I have kidney induced back pains – sometimes I could barely move because of the pain. The acupuncture is really effective to manage my pain. I can now move around more and I have had a lot more energy. ” Read the full testimonial

Foot pain

“I tried acupuncture because I couldn’t walk without pain in my left foot. After just one treatment, I could walk without pain. I was surprised because I really didn’t think anything but pain medication, or staying off my feet would actually give me relief… Acupuncture is a gift from God.” Read the full testimonial

“Nothing was really making an impact in reducing the chronic pain I was experiencing. Once I started an acupuncture regimen, I’ve had a remarkable reduction in the amount of pain.” View the full testimonial

I am pain free in the big toe joints on both feet.” Read the full testimonial

“After having pain in my feet for years, Amy spent the time to consider many of life’s factors and created a treatment combining therapies which allowed me to eventually reduce my pain to zero. I could not be happier and now actively jog, hike and travel without any issues.” Read the full testimonial

Hip pain

“I came in for acupuncture because my hip was painful to the touch. I was having trouble working out and sleeping. After one treatment, I was pain free to exercise.” Read the full testimonial

Knee pain

“I have had a sore right knee; one of the pain killers prescribed did nothing. My right knee felt better right after my first acupuncture.” Read the full testimonial

“It has been years since I have been able to stand up and walk without excruciating pain.” View the full testimonial

“My knee is also almost completely free of pain.  I now feel absolutely no pain most days with just occasional flare ups.  When I do have flare ups, it can be relieved usually immediately with an acupuncture treatment.” Read the full testimonial

“I enjoy trail running and was on track with my training plan when some acute pain above the left knee …. The first and second treatments gave me the confidence that I could fix it after battling with the injury for more than a month. I knew from there I could do my run. With the help of Amy, through dialogue and acupuncture we knocked off enough of the pain to get back on the saddle.It works! I was able to do my trail run in the Alps.” Read the full testimonial

“After one treatment with Amy there is already a reduction in pain. I can sit with my legs crossed without pain for the first time in years!” Read the full testimonial

“I was surprised that my right knee pain started feeling better too.” Read the full testimonial

Rib pain

“After one acupuncture and cupping treatment, the deep pain in my back from the rib has lessened.” Read the full testimonial

Shoulder pain

“My injury caused pain when throwing a baseball. I was surprised that the swelling in my shoulder went down as quickly as it did after acupuncture.  The AC joint in my shoulder was very swollen for three months and within 24 hours of my first session, the swelling went down, and continued to go down after each session with Amy. I can throw with no pain now!” Read the full testimonial

Tailbone pain

“I was not crazy about the needles, but I didn’t even realize the pain could lessen this much! It’s amazing! And the little needle feeling was so worth it to feel an improvement in this pain that has taken over my entire life these last couple of weeks.I’ve also been able to greatly cut down on Vicodin, and I’m so happy about that!” Read the full testimonial

Wrist pain

“Amy was able to help rid me of the pain in my wrist that developed from years of colorguard and that continued with fencing. I am able to fence with no wrist pain.” Read the full testimonial


“I’ve been migraine free for the last month since I started my acupuncture treatments and using the recommended essential oils… told my neurologist no to Botox today.” Read the testimonial.

If you would like to know whether acupuncture and essential oils can help relieve your pain, call Amy at 815.814.1319 to sign up for a free consultation or request a follow up online. If we helped relieve your pain and you would like to submit a testimonial to help educate others about acupuncture as a solution for pain management, please email me at