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Managing menopause symptoms – hot flashes, insomnia, high blood pressure, palpitations

“I started acupuncture to help manage menopausal symptoms – palpitations,  increase in blood pressure, insomnia,  loss of energy, and hot flashes.. After 3 treatments, increasing my physical  activity, watching what I eat, taking some supplements and applying techniques that Amy has given me, I’m sleeping better, have decreased episodes of hot flashes, palpitations,  and spikes of high blood pressure, and have a little more energy.
Amy takes time to know you and really listens to find out what are your real issues. She then focuses the treatment targeting those issues to personalize your treatment. She then evaluates the treatment method by asking you how it went. She also appears knowledgeable and has experience dealing with the symptoms I had.
I  went into it without any expectations only with the mindset that every little thing helps and was quite ready to try anything that will help me function to be somewhat normal again. The biggest takeaway for me is the deep breathing techniques she had given me to the point I used it as part of my daily routine.” RL
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