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Managing menopausal symptoms with acupuncture

“I P1000258am at the age where my hormones are going crazy, so I decided to give acupuncture a try.  First off, I craved ice, I would load up all day and chew away, not great for my teeth.  After one acupuncture session with Amy, I totally no longer craved it.  After two more times, my sugar cravings ended, as well as my need to jump down my husbands throat for no reason.

I also had lower back tightness, one session and I instantly felt relief at the end of a session.  I was surprised at how quickly acupuncture worked for me.  Amy, specializes in sleep issues, which I don’t really have, but she gave me a little boost for sleep, and I sleep more soundly and rarely even wake up during the night, this was an added bonus!!  I would highly recommend acupuncture for any type of systems you may have.  Amy listened very carefully to all my different needs and worked with me to eradicate them all.  I feel more even keeled throughout the day!” Sheri P, Conjugate Fitness