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Life changing

“I believe living in the western world has conditioned us to the idea that there are many physical and psychological woes that just are what they are.  So much so that we don’t even notice them.  Acupuncture has opened my eyes to the idea that you don’t have to settle for lack of quality sleep, lifelong subscriptions maintenance drugs, allergies, heartburn and other common ailments.  I have several very real and measurable outcomes that I can directly attribute to acupuncture.  I credit my two sweet and gorgeous sons to it.  I credit higher quality and quantity sleep to it.  And I credit my now stable thyroid disease without lifetime drugs to it.  Acupuncture is now my first stop before going to my GP when I have an issue.  Open and effective communication with your acupuncturist is critical to success and Amy has the tact, courage and compassion to have the necessary conversations to assess sympLisa-Sparrow-20140711-0049toms and be able to appropriately treat underlying issues.” Lisa Sparrow, CEO



Lisa Sparrow 20140711-0049