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Hip pain bonus side effect from menopause treatment

“I sought acupuncture treatment on the advice of my OBGYN as a means to deal with pretty serious side effects of menopause.  I figured if my “traditional” doctor was recommending it as a first step, I should try it.  I am only in my second week of treatment and already noticing a significant reduction in my symptoms.

Amy is very professional, takes time to really understand your primary issues (and also issues that you might not even consider being part of the problem), and checks in often to make sure you are getting relief. I would recommend her to anyone interested in acupuncture.

I was surprised at the very comprehensive intake process.  Amy took the time to hear not only about my physical symptoms but also every aspect of my life that might impact my physical health. A bonus side effect of the treatments was relief from hip pain I was experiencing. Her very wholistic approach not only fit my personal orientation but is backed by lots of research that supports our need to understand the mind/body balance.” AB
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