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Finally getting a good night’s sleep

“I hadn’t been able fall asleep or get a full night’s sleep for several months, and it was impacting my health, my work and my overall sanity.  I had tried several different sleep medications and found myself in a state of brain fog all the time.  My chiropractor referred me to Amy Landolt to help me with my sleep issues. I wanted to try acupuncture since it was a more natural treatment that wouldn’t make me feel like a zombie.
After my first treatment, I was able to fall asleep and had a full night of sleep.  After 4 treatments, I’m consistently able to fall asleep and stay asleep. 
Amy is so easy to work with!  I trusted her at my first appointment. She listened to my issues, and suggested breathing and meditation techniques for me that would help me every day. Since starting with her a few weeks ago, I have referred several friends, my parents, my coworkers and I highly recommend Amy to those out there reading this.
I’m so grateful and relieved that I found a treatment for my insomnia.” Maureen S. 
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